January 07, 2012

My Handy Husband

For those of you who don't know and even for those of you who do, my husband Skylar is a very handy man. A few summers ago when one of my old roommates got back from serving a mission in South Carolina, all of us roommates got together and listed 10 things we loved about our hubbies (not all of us were married at the time, but those of us who were shared). Girly, no?

Immediately I thought of how much Skylar likes to just fix things on his own. I don't know if it's his Rackham trait of wanting to always save money or his confidence in his abilities, but he almost always (almost) will try and do whatever needs to be done on his own.
I collected some evidence around our apartment to demonstrate his skill:

This is Skylar weather proofing our living room window. It's a single pane window and lets in quite a bit of cool air. In an effort to not use our heater as much he decided to purchase plastic weathering something to keep warm air in and cool air out. 

And it's a darn good thing he did this. Not even a week later (okay, maybe more) a crazy wind storm caused a rogue shingle to crash into this very window and shatter it completely. I hardly noticed the change in temperature.

This is Skylar standing on the couch while completing this task. Cute.

What the devil is this you ask? Oh just a vent soaking in water, detergent and some other stuff to help strip the paint. Why? Because it was grungy looking. So if you soak it the paint will be so much easier to strip off according to Handy Man Skylar.

Stripping paint.

I came home one day and saw this power strip drilled into our plastic kitchen organizer. Before this was here, the cords were running to and fro across the kitchen.

What's this huge wooden thing you ask? Just a ramp that Skylar bolted together so that he could have enough room under our funky shaped car to change the oil. Nope didn't want to buy a pre-made set of ramps because this would fit our car shape better than a 
pre-made set. He's a thinker!

While I was taking the previous picture, I realized Skylar installed the light bulb in our closet to make that picture possible. Smart boy.

Speaking of lights he took out the previous bathroom lights and put these bad boys in.

And speaking of bathrooms, he took out the ugly wooden towel holders and installed these sleek polished satin holders instead.

Convinced yet? Well if not I could go on but I won't. I'm just grateful that he is so willing to do these things. I appreciate that he is learning these skills and ultimately saving us time and money. What a good husband. Look out ladies, he's taken.


  1. As I read this blog, I'm watching our dog poop outside our window. What kind of handy solutions does Skylar have for dog poop?

    I wish I had Skylar around to fix our nasty bathroom faucet. You guys should move to Iowa. Just saying.

  2. haha. go pick it up and throw it away or something. maybe i could fix your faucet. i'll talk to kaitlin to see what she thinks about goint to iowa. haha.