December 21, 2011

Christmas time is laughter

Toboggans in the snow! Well Christmas time is just around the corner and it doesn't even feel like it should be. Maybe it's the lack of Christmas movies I've watched (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - boo) and listening to my favorite Christmas movie whilst cleaning (A Christmas Story - woot) doesn't really count.  But I'll recount my favorite Christmas memories of both past and present.

Growing up my mom had a huge video camera that followed us to any significant event. I think she was that person. You know what I mean. It was one of those huge cameras that sits on your shoulder and has the extended eye piece. 

One of these bad boys

I'm pretty sure Skylar would know the name of it being the film junkie that he is but I just call it the huge shoulder camera. It was a fixture in my childhood until the video mechanism stopped working and all it recorded was sound accompanied by a black picture. In any case, every Christmas my mom would whip out this huge shoulder camera. She would start recording all the Christmas cards we had received, usually tacked up on the wall and then the 4 foot Christmas tree we had had forever that we would mount on the side table in our living room, and then pan to all four of us sitting on the couch giggling before we opened presents. This particular year Kirstin was not giggling. It was pretty early and I'm positive she would have been content sleeping a bit longer before all this present opening occurred. In any case, one of my older sister's best friends was quite aware that this Christmas would be documented and double dog dared me to save all the gum I had over the next week and chew it while opening presents. We had a terrible habit in my family of saving gum in the fridge. You couldn't chew it at night obviously, it would get stuck in your hair. So we stuck it in that little compartment on the door where butter or something goes and would get it the next morning. 

Yup, butter. I was right.

After several days of doing this I had quite the wad. And so, true to the dare, I chewed the great wad of gum while opening presents that Christmas morning. It was pretty nasty as it had gotten to the point where it was so old, it was difficult to chew. But hey, a double dog dare is a double dog dare. 

There was something from this Christmas season that I am sure I will remember forever. My in-laws as well as some of my immediate family, being Christian, believe that we celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Being Christians (and specifically members of the LDS church) we often read the story of Christ's birth. My mother-in-law teaches in a class with young women aged 12-17 and they would be reading the Nativity story. Skylar, Cohen and I would all be going to church with them that day and she asked that Skylar, Cohen and I all stand in front of the young women and dress up, that's right, dress up, as Mary, Joseph and Jesus. 

Just like this

Skylar was pretty embarrassed and I'll admit I felt a bit silly. However, it turned out to be a really nice experience. One verse in Luke struck me. I'd thought of it before but I really considered it in that moment. It's Luke 2:19 And Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart. She had been told that she would give birth to the Son of God and it occurred to me that she would need to come to that knowledge also, even though she had been told. I feel like that verse was a little insight to what she was feeling. Maybe her coming to that knowledge and what that would be like as a mother. I'm sure all parents feel that to a certain degree. Just wondering what will come of your children? What greatness will they achieve? In any case it was a poignant moment for me. Something I'll remember.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Be safe, have fun and as cliché as it is, try to keep the Christmas season with you all year round.

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